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Boutique Hotel Costa Rica in Birri-Heredia Nature Tours

Eco-Tours available from this Costa Rica Boutique Hotel en Heredia

As a biodiverse and eco-friendly nation, Costa Rica is resplendent in natural beauty - all easily viewed from LaCatalina Hotel in Costa Rica. Experience yourself in one of many National Parks and protected areas, or take a trip to an active volcano, butterfly sanctuary or jungle habitat for a one of a kind travel experience.

One destination not to be missed is Manuel Antonio Park which is only a day trip from Hotel La Catalina and is set on Costa Rica's mid pacific coast - it comes with a range of animals not found anywhere else including the lovable Sloth through to white faced monkeys - and contains incredible tropical foilage that makes the trip worth it for any visit to Costa Rica.


Incredible Costa Rica Eco Tours

There is lots to see and do in Costa Rica and the hotel can arrange tours for direct pick up from the hotel or with reasonable hotel transfers. Some of the more popular tours and more unconventional tours are set forth below.

Costa Rica Beaches & Sightseeing Tours

Some of the best beaches in the world are here, including some nude beaches for full disclosure :)


  • Jaco Beach

Take our special tour to Jaco Beach to enjoy the Pacific ocean and on the way you can stop to see crocodiles under the bridge over the Rio Tarcoles! Included is transportation, a delicious lunch at the Copacabana Hotel and Suites on the beach and the Crocodile Bridge - distance from the hotel is less than 1 1/2 hours, tour price of $75.00 per person (minimum 4 people).

  • Jaco Beach & Costa Rica Birds + Crocodiles Tour

This reknowned Jungle Crocodile Safari Boat Tour is designed for adventure travelers as well as for bird watchers. This 2 hour boat tour takes you to the Tarcoles River to have a close up look at the local crocodiles, a chance to see more than 50 types of birds and other wild life. Tour includes transportation, lunch, Jaco beach tour, crocodile tour entrance, price of $120.00 per person (minimum 4 persons).

  • Jaco beach & Waterports + ATV Tour

This Jet Ski and ATV tour is unique in Jaco Beach, where you will have an extreme riding experience for one hour, and then take a 2 hour ATV tour, climbing the mountains of the pacific central, riding by the beach and enjoying the amazing views. You can also try the banana boat for an amazing experience in the water. Tour includes transportation to/from the hotel, lunch at the Copacabana Hotel and Suites, jet sky tour and the amazing ATV tour, price of $190.00 per person $190.00 per person (minimum 4 persons).

  • Coffee Plantation Tour

You've heard of aromatic Costa Rican coffee, so here is your chance to see where and how it is grown, why it’s worth to purchase and support Fair Trade practices.


  • Active Volcano Tours

See some of the world's volcanoes that are still active with observable heat and lava flows. Don’t get too close or you may not come back to the hotel!

  • Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is approximately 2 1/2 hours from the hotel and a great experience - its erupts every 24 hours, with spectacular views at night from Hotel Arenal Inn where we offer a special package that includes one night (double occupancy) ,transportation to/from the hotel, breakfast, walking trails, butterfly garden, bird watching, and a unique panoramic view of the volcano surrounding countryside and Arenal lake. Other Activities around the area at extra cost include hot springs, horseback riding and fishing.

  • Poas Volcano



Poas Volcano is only about 40 minutes from the hotel and is an active strato volcano. There are two crater lakes near its summit and Poás has erupted 39 times since 1828. The volcano is located within the Poas Volcano National Park, considered the largest active crater in the world about 1 mile (1.6 km.) wide and 320 meters deep, with frequent geyser-like eruptions. There is a special price if you book the tour with us at $65.00 per person which includes entrance to the national park, lunch, transportation (minimum 4 persons).

  • Environmentally Protected Eco Forests & Parks

A rare opportunity to see the native species of Costa Rican animals including monkeys, Macaws, and other exotic birds of the this tropical nation.

  • San Jose Historical Tour
san jose historical

For the cultural and history buff, the capital city of Costa Rica is not to be missed with its museums, architecture and opera house. The center of Costa Rican culture and development demonstrates how this nation without Armed Forces has come to be one of the most culturally rich nations with influences of both southern and northern neighboring countries.

  • La Paz Waterfall
la paz

Wander the trails of La Paz Waterfall and your senses will delight at five waterfalls that line the trail. With the construction of Waterfall Gardens, you have views from platforms above, below and in front of the waterfalls.

  • Jungle and Eco Forest Tours

See Costa Rica’s natural ecological splendor, including waterfalls, gorges and rivers by taking a Canopy Tour. These tours use zip lines or suspended tree bridges to fly or walk over the forest or jungle below so as to observe the animals and vegetation in its natural state. This zero impact means of engaging with Costa Rican natural habitat is one of the world’s most unique tours that respects nature while showing it in all its glory.

The availability of Costa Rican tours changes in accordance with the seasons since weather plays a big impact on the safety of tour organizers and participants.